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Der Rat Kellar

That is a cellar of rats...not a seller of rats.

The Beer is my Mommy!
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5 out of 6 twitterers think I'm funnier than Michael Ian Black. But they're probably just trying to get in my pants.

This is mainly friends-only, because if work ever found out what I write in here, they'd lynch me.
accidentally doing richard fulcher, accordions, allan guttman, andrea martin, arrested development, back to the future, barbara feldon, beating paul mccartney up, beatles, belgian tervurens, bill murray, bill odenkirk's giant head, blondie, bob odenkirk, bonzo dog band, boston legal, caffeine, canadians, catherine o'hara, cats, cheesus, church of the sub-balki, clerks the animated series, count floyd, danny elfman, danny weinkauf, dave foley, dave thomas, david cross, dogs, don adams, douglas adams, elo, embarrassing cd tag, eugene levy, eut, extreme desk sitting, extreme old person spotting, extreme safeway runs, extreme soda refill, extreme styx listening, firesign theatre, flight of the conchords, ford prefect, free food, gangsta lobsta, garth marenghi's darkplace, george harrison, get smart, ghostbusters, gigantic jesus, gilda radner, girly-ass coffee, graham linehan, harold ramis, hating paul mccartney, hit, hot dog catching, hot weinkauf lovin', humber college, improv, james spader, jason bateman, joe flaherty, john cusack, john flansburgh, john hodgman, john lennon, john linnell, jolt cola, jooky, judge reinhold, kevin mcdonald, kids in the hall, laminating puppies, logan's run, lucky charms, madeline khan, making flush calls, martin short, michael york, mono puff, mr. show, mr. t, mr. tzilla, neil innes, newsradio, noah taylor, odenkirk wranglin', pac man, political incorrectness, pretending to be bad-ass, rats, richard ayoade/matt berry sandwiches, rick moranis, ringo starr, robots, safety dance, sarah vowell, satanic well-wishing, sctv, second city, sex bands, sleep, snakes on a plane, snuff box, spaceballs, spongebob squarepants, sssssss, stand-up comedy, star trek, stormy black, stu sutcliffe, super mario brothers, supercanadian from outer space, the a-team, the band of dans, the ben stiller show, the cupcake cowboy, the frighteners, the it crowd, the mighty boosh, the red streak, the rutles, the rutles drinking game, the second city, the state, the urkelbot, they might be giants, tom petty, travelling wilburys, turning into a veloceraptor, verbing the word "dan", villifying cousin larry, vincent kartheiser, wafl, willfully seeking out diabetes, wkrp in cincinatti, x-files, yoohoo