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Writer's Block: Dream or Reality?

What do you think really happened at the end of the movie Inception? Have you ever had a dream that you confused with reality?

Here's what I think happened at the end of Inception.

Cillian Murphy: Guys, uh, if you don't mind, I have to stop off in Marin County before I ruin my dad's company, etc.
Leo Dicaprio: Uh, wait, that's not in the script. Um.
*Cillian Murphy runs off set to Heidi's house. Heidi is inside, doing what she does best: eating a giant pile of nachos and calling the "Man vs. Food" guy a pussy*
Heidi: I could eat that in half the time you did, you little bitch...
Cillian: *outside the french doors* HEIIIIIDIIIIIIII
Heidi: Woody. There seems to be a man outside yelling his head off for me. Why aren't you barking?
Woody: I'm chewing my butt. What the Hell do you want from me?
Heidi: You're every bit the watchdog I hoped you'd be. *opens the door* Why, Cillian Murphy!
Cillian Murphy: Heidi, you've got to help me. I spent the last three hours in a movie with Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio in a dream sequence imagined by someone with all the imagination of a desk lamp.
Heidi: Poor, poor boy. I do wonder what I can do about all that.
Cillian: * stripping* I have a good idea...

[We interrupt the rest of this fantasy on the grounds that it is about to get way, way too weird. Nachos were never, ever meant to go up there, and neither were feather dusters. We at CBS apologize profusely, and present to you this relatively clean [and only mildly disturbing] video of Gary Low instead)

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